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The onboarding process plays a crucial role in fostering comprehension of work dynamics, assimilating into the company's culture and ultimately aiding the assigned resource in becoming a fully integrated and productive member of your team.

team training

Build, Grow, Operate and Transfer

Partner with us to experience a holistic approach to incorporation and growth through our B-G-O-T services. 

Our BGOT (Build, Grow, Operate, Transfer) model ensures a seamless transition to incorporation and sustained growth. From setup to daily operations and eventually client hand-off, we guide you every step of the way. Once established, control your operations with autonomy and confidence.

Client Pre-Onboarding Process

client on board process


Service Introduction

(Onsite - Online)

  • Intro DeckWelcome to TSARSI.

  • Meet Your Team: Get to know the faces behind TSARSI.

  • Our Process: Discover how we work together for your success.



Get To Know You

  • Your Needs: We want to hear about your specific needs.

  • Job Description: Tell us about the position(s) you need to fill.

  • Software Insights: Let us know about the software you use.

  • Candidate Search: With your insights, we embark on finding the perfect candidate.



Sharing and Receiving Information

  • LOI and NDA: We’ll send you the Letter of Intent and Non-Disclosure Agreement for your review.

  • Sending the Contract: You’ll receive a personalized contract from us.



Candidate Evaluation

  • Candidate Interviews:  We'll arrange interviews with candidates, ensuring you are part of the process.

  • Job Samples: Share 2-3 job examples, spanning simple to complex, for candidates to complete in order to assist you in evaluating skill level and experience.



Begin the Pre-Onboarding Process 

  • Project Deadlines: Candidates have 1 week to complete and send their projects.

  • Candidate Selection: Review the projects and select the candidate that best fits your needs.

  • Onboarding Begins: Once selected, the candidate seamlessly transitions to working with you.

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