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Case Study: TSARSI x Graber Outdoors in Strategic Partnership - Construction Engineering Services.

Updated: Nov 14, 2023

The key takeaways from this case study highlight the transformative impact of a dedicated construction engineering service on streamlining operations, enhancing design precision, and fostering innovation within a niche industry. Graber Outdoors story serves as an inspiration for businesses looking to revitalize their operations and excel in their respective fields.

TSARSI's construction engineering resources
"TSARSI’s resource excels at what they do and have been a huge asset in cutting the time on our proposals! Graber Outdoors is able to operate more efficiently and professionally and have a quicker turnaround." - by JOHN GRABER - FOUNDER / OWNER at Graber Outdoors.

Construction Engineering Resource Services - Challenges - Introduction

Graber Outdoors, led by John Graber, a seasoned veteran with over 15 years of

experience in the lawn and patio industry, has made a name for itself by

transforming outdoor spaces into beautiful, functional extensions of homes. To further enhance their services and streamline project execution, Graber Outdoors

decided to collaborate with a dedicated construction engineer named Hung. This case study sheds light on how Hung, with his expertise in 2D/3D drawing, structure analysis, takeoffs, and estimating, has played a pivotal role in helping Graber Outdoors achieve new heights in the outdoor living industry.

a team of engineering resources from Graber Outdoors

Graber Outdoors had been growing steadily but faced challenges related to project efficiency, precision, and engineering design in a variety of outdoor living projects.

  1. Graber Outdoors faced a critical challenge in their quest for highly skilled talent within their budget constraints.

  2. Their requirement for a candidate with specialized skills in the U.S. outdoor living industry was met with a limited pool of qualified individuals.

  3. To overcome this obstacle, they turned to TSARSI, an offshore staffing company with extensive construction industry networks and talent pools.

TSARSI's meticulous screening and evaluation processes allowed them to

identify Hung, an exceptional candidate with the unique skills Graber Outdoors

needed. Hung's selection as the top talent showcased TSARSI's expertise in sourcing hard-to-find skills, ultimately benefiting Graber Outdoors' projects and growth.

Challenges: Graber Outdoors faced several challenges prior to the addition of Hung:

  1. Time-Consuming Deck Building Design Process: The design phase for custom outdoor spaces was lengthy and often led to project delays. For instance, a complex Drawing work was estimated to take more than 72 hours, and they had to outsource to the domestic Construction service provider, who overcharged them double digits for the same delivery.

  2. Precision and Innovation: The company sought to improve the precision of measurements, material selection, and structure analysis and bring innovative outdoor living design concepts to life.

  3. Resource Allocation: In-house staff was stretched thin, and the workload hindered creativity and project ideation.

TSARSI's Engineering Resource Solutions

TSARSI provided Hung, a dedicated construction engineer with expertise in 2D/3D drawing, structure analysis, takeoffs, and estimating, which get involved in the entire construction project process. Hung's role was multi-faceted and aimed to address the company's challenges:

  1. Design, Estimating, and Process Optimization: Hung performed effectively with his advanced software (SketchUp, Layout, CAD, SAP2000, SkyCiv, and ETabs) and techniques to streamline the design process and improve precision.

  2. Construction Permit Quality and Material Efficiency: With Hung's takeoff expertise, the company optimized material usage, reducing waste and costs. Hung’s deliverables ensure the local Department of Construction’s approval of his permit-set deliverables.

  3. Resource Management: Hung's role allowed in-house staff to focus on project management and client interactions, improving overall efficiency.

Business Results: Increase ROI, Effectiveness and Productivity.

The partnership with Hung, the dedicated construction engineer resource, has yielded significant results for Graber Outdoors:

  1. Delivery and Streamlined Design Process: Projects now move more swiftly from concept to completion. Hung delivered his work within 24 hours, committed to on-time delivery, and provided tight-deadline support.

  2. Improved Precision: Accurate takeoffs and designs have led to a reduction in project errors and rework, an increase in project bid wins and increased accuracy for project implementations.

  3. Increased Capacity: In-house staff can now focus on project management, improving client communication and satisfaction. With Deck, Roof, Pergola, Shelters, Gazebo and other outdoor living construction projects, Hung is confident in exceeding clients' expectations and surprising clients with quality-over-quality project delivery.

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