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TSARSI (US), LLC offers one-stop-shop Construction Estimating Services.

Updated: Dec 22, 2023

Vietnamese Workforce

Our new clients often ask about quality and performance expectations. Our top observations of our Vietnamese team in Ho Chi Minh City are:

  1. Hardworking and dedicated: Vietnamese workers are known for their work ethic and dedication. They often work long hours and are committed to meeting their work obligations.

  2. Adaptability: Vietnamese workers are adaptable and can quickly learn new skills and technologies. They are also comfortable working in diverse environments and with people from different cultures.

  3. Loyalty: Vietnamese workers tend to be loyal to their employers and are committed to their organization's success. This can help to foster long-term relationships and build a sense of trust between employees and employers.

  4. Respectful: Vietnamese workers tend to be respectful of authority and hierarchical structures. They also value teamwork and collaboration and are often willing to help their colleagues.

  5. Strong education background: Vietnamese workers in Ho Chi Minh City generally have a strong education background, with many having completed tertiary education. This can provide them with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in a variety of industries.

  6. English language proficiency: Vietnamese workers in Ho Chi Minh City often have a good command of the English language, which can be an asset for companies that work with international clients or have a global workforce.

  7. Motivated by opportunities for advancement: Vietnamese workers are often motivated by opportunities for advancement within their organizations. They are willing to work hard and take on new challenges to advance their careers.


TSARSI provides fast turnaround times and dependable construction estimate services in residential estimation, custom-tailored to meet the unique requirements of Residential Contractors, Subcontractors, Homebuilders, Homeowners, Developers, Investors, Lenders, and Architects.


  • Outdoor Living Areas.

  • Decks And Trex Pergolas.

  • Bungalows.

  • Townhouses.

  • Mansions.

  • Condominiums.

  • Home Additions.

  • Home Improvements.

  • Remodeling.

  • Single-Family Residential Homes.

  • Multi-Family Residential Homes.

  • Duplex/Triplex Homes.

  • Custom Homes Modular Homes.

  • Apartments


Our diverse team comprises a wealth of experienced construction estimators, each boasting credible accreditations and a wealth of expertise. They are well-versed in the utilization of an array of construction estimating software, including but not limited to PlanSwift, ProEst, Bluebeam, Cost Works, and Quest Estimating. Through the integration of cutting-edge software and our proprietary construction cost database, tailored to specific zip codes, we guarantee a level of accuracy that sets our estimates apart.

An Estimator is working on Construction project

Certified & Highly skilled Estimators provide detailed estimates with a high emphasis on accuracy, cost-effective solutions but highly committing faster and timely delivery of estimates, consulting on smartly filing bids to acquire more projects, and help you Increase your bid-hit ratio and win more bids.​


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