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TSARSI Solutions Change the Perceptions on Offshoring

Offshore employees working gathered around a computer

There are several reasons why companies are hesitant to turn to offshore resources despite the significant current challenges of finding and retaining employees and rapidly escalating wages. At TSARSI, we understand these concerns and want to share our approach to ensuring the offshore resources we provide add value to your organization:

1. Communication challenges: Working with offshore resources can present communication challenges due to differences in time zones, language, and cultural barriers. TSARSI takes the time up-front to understand your requirements, including communication and work hours. Our recruiting approach is tailored to these needs, ensuring that candidates we present to you are a fit for the job requirements.

2. Quality concerns: Companies may worry that offshore workers do not have the necessary skills or expertise to meet their standards, leading to lower quality work. This also comes down to understanding your job requirements, and recruiting and hiring specific to those needs. We do not take a one size fits all approach. In addition, we collaborate with our clients on a training plan and performance management criteria and process.

3. Security concerns: Companies may be concerned about data security risks associated with working with offshore resources.TSARSI follows NIST Cybersecurity standards that include the latest cyber protection tools for anti-virus, anti-malware, network access, device access and data back-up. TSARSI is currently in process of obtaining ISO 27001 certification on information security management system standards.

4. Legal and regulatory compliance: Companies need to ensure that they comply with all relevant laws and regulations when working with offshore resources. TSARSI offshore resources are employees of TSARSI. We handle all of the associated labor and operational regulations through experienced local leadership and valuable third-party partners to ensure compliant operations.

5. Cultural differences: Offshore resources may have different work ethics and values, which can lead to conflicts with the company's culture and work environment. Though our office in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam, TSARSI provides highly educated, experienced resources that meet our clients needs. The Vietnamese workforce is known as hard-working, dedicated, loyal, respectful and quick-learning. We work hand-in-hand with our clients to find the right resources and implement effective performance management.

6. Cost and logistical considerations: Although offshore resources can be cost-effective, there may be additional costs associated with managing a remote team, such as travel expenses and technology costs. TSARSI resources are billed at a flat monthly rate and supplied with current hardware and operating software. Any additional costs for travel or specialty software are agreed to with clients beforehand.

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